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IMG_2019As Colorado’s first and most beloved (or bee-loved!) meadery, Meadery of the Rockies makes an array of honey based wines, all starting with pure, raw Orange Blossom honey.

Mead, also referred to as honey wine, is produced through the fermentation of a mixture of honey and water. Considered by many as the first alcoholic beverage created, and often regarded as the ancestor of all fermented drinks (Maguelonne Toussaint-Smant), the origins of mead can be traced back throughout ancient history in Europe, Africa and Asia to approximately 7000 BC. It is not surprising that mead is at the root of the word honeymoon, as couples would traditionally drink mead for a month following their marriage in hopes of producing a baby boy! And, while its historical roots, variations and passage through time are strong, it is the honey wine of today that has earned stand-alone world-wide status alongside its grape wine counterparts.

At Meadery of the Rockies, our proprietary process of creating honey wine begins with 100% pure, raw orange blossom honey. Using local Rocky Mountain water, special yeast strains and the additional skill and technique necessary, the honey/water mixture is carefully fermented and fashioned into numerous, delightful honey wines that are hand-crafted and bottled at our winery in western Colorado.

Through the process of a closely monitored bio-chemical fermentation, we create wonderful, traditional meads with a typical alcohol content of approximately 12%.  Our honey wine is a delicious and inviting beverage that is sure to become a personal favorite for years to come.

Upon the foundation of our traditional honey wine is built all of our meads.  Our Fruit ‘n Honey wines are blends of mead and fruit wines such as blackberry, strawberry & peach.  Our fortified dessert wines include our Satins and the Honey Shere’.  These wines are sensuous and rich. . . perfect after-dinner libations.

The art of creating your perfect mead is our mission and our privilege. Our goal is to ensure that the wine you choose from Meadery of the Rockies, for yourself or as a gift to others, is consistent from bottle to bottle and year to year. We hand-craft our mead with the sole purpose of pleasing palates everywhere. We thank you for giving us the opportunity to serve you.

Visit Our Meads to learn more about the variety of honey wines we offer.


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Upcoming events »

3 Killer Honeybees

Palisade International Honeybee Festival: Deb-bee, Ellenzz and Poncho Beeya! Photo: Tim Wedel.

Check back for more events around Colorado where we’ll be pouring wines – stop by! Meadery of the Rockies is open daily in Palisade Colorado from 10 am to 5 pm.

2015 Awards »

Denver International Wine Competition

  • GOLD medals for Guinevere, Cherries ‘n Honey, Blackberries ‘n Honey;
  • SILVER: Chocolate Cherry Satin
  • BRONZE: Raspberry Chocolate Satin

Houston Rodeo Uncorked! 2015 International Wine Competition

Awarding the best wines from around the world; 2,578 entries – including wines from across the U.S. and 16 different countries. Meadery awarded 3 Golds and 2 Class Champions!

  • Strawberries ‘n Honey, Class Champion, Double-Gold
  • Raspberry Chocolate Satin, Reserve Class Champion, Gold
  • Apricots ‘n Honey, Gold
  • SILVER: Raspberries ‘n Honey, Blackberries ‘n Honey, Cherries ‘n Honey, Peaches ‘n Honey, Chocolate Cherry Satin, Camelot
  • BRONZE: Lancelot

2014 Awards

  • Colorado Mountain Winefest – Best of Fest – Camelot – GOLD & Best of Mead Category, plus 2 SILVERS and 6 BRONZE.
  • Denver International Wine Competition – 12 medals including 4 GOLD!
  • Governor’s Cup Colorado Wine Competition – 6 SILVERS and 1 BRONZE!

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Raspberry_Honey_Wine_bottlesOur Great New Look!

As Colorado’s original meadery and a leading U.S. producer of quality meads since 1995, we are excited to give you a sneak peek at our new look. It’s a more contemporary look, with a smaller, friendlier bee. We’ve already bottled several of our products with the new design (read more).


Simply stated, mead differs from grape wine in that its alcohol content is derived from the sugar in honey rather than the sugar in grapes. And, while some mead is carbonated like beer, malted barley and hops are typically not used in the fermentation process. From dry to sweet, there is a variety of ancient and modern mead to choose from:

Traditional ~ Mead simply made by fermenting a mixture of honey and water with yeast.

Melomel ~ Mead blended with fruit, either dried, fresh, puree, juice, or fruit wine, our favorite method!

Pyment ~ Mead fermented or mixed with grape juice or wine.

Cyser ~ Mead fermented or mixed with apples or apple juice.

Metheglin ~ Mead infused with spices and/or herbs, i.e. cinnamon & cloves.

Braggot ~ Mead that may be fermented with malt and/or hops, typically having high alcohol and fairly high residual sugar.



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