Customer Comments

Transcontinental bicyclists stop at Meadery of the RockiesAfter 7 amazing months of cycling around Canada and the USA, we are now spending a few relaxing weeks in Brittany, France. We just wanted to thank you again for your kindness and for making us feel so welcome at the Meadery. It was such a privilege to meet you and we wish you a very Happy New Year. God bless and thanks again.

Linda and James, via holiday card 1-13-2013



A friend of mine gave me a bottle of the Guinevere Honey Wine on a recent visit to Colorado.  All I can say is “Oh My, this is the wine I have been looking for… for years.

Dianna D, via email 4-5-12


A few of my husband’s friends were hunting in Colorado in December. One of them, who has been trying to make up for getting my husband drunk this summer, brought me a bottle of wine to try to get back on my good side. I didn’t try it right away, I always drink Moscato and didn’t know if I’d like it.I cracked it open the other night and, I have to tell you, it was heavenly. I read the label and saw that it was mead. I really think that my Olde English roots have been awakened because it tasted like something I should have been drinking all along.If wine could be a soul-mate, I think I’ve found mine in Guinevere. It’s perfect. I’m going to order some to be sent here, I don’t think anything else is going to be good enough. Thanks

Julie L., via email 12-22-11