Tasting Room

At Meadery of the Rockies it is our pleasure to provide you with an authentic mead-tasting experience in our custom-designed tasting room. With a single step through the door, the aroma of hand-made honey wine will transport you to the sublime and ancient world of mead, bringing to life the unique and inviting flavors of the magnificent wines that await you.

Our hosts and hostesses will greet you, explain the wine-tasting process, answer any questions you have about our delectable honey wines, and help you make your personal selections.

Here are tips to maximize your experience at our Tasting Room:

  • Taste each honey wine carefully and savor each sip. We provide 5 tastes complimentary.  Additional tastes are $1 each.
  • Try to taste the wines in the order they are presented. We put them in the most advantageous tasting order so that you may best appreciate each one. So skip forward if you like but try not to go backwards.
  • Take time to savor each mead and take note of what you are experiencing to gain a deeper understanding of the flavors and aromas of each honey wine.
  • Never feel obligated to drink all of your wine if it doesn’t meet your taste preferences.  We provide dump/spit buckets for your convenience, and we’re never offended by this.  Our winemakers spit all the time – it’s just what you do when you taste a number of wines.
  • Ask lots of questions. We enjoy sharing our experience and love for hand-crafted meads with you!

Honey VilleWhile you’re here, enjoy perusing our wide variety of unique bee and honey themed gifts. You’ll also find a large selection of products from The Honeyville Store in Durango, Colorado, where they make delicious plain and whipped honeys, along with mouthwatering sauces, jams and spreads. Many of these products are available for sampling as well.

The tasting room at Meadery of the Rockies is our gift to you and an opportunity to share our passion for the specialty honey wines we create. Learn more about this little known beverage of the ages and get to know us as you explore our unique meads. We hope that the Meadery’s honey wine will soon become one of your passions too!

Winery Tours are by appointment, or take your chances! Enjoy a tour of our winery, where we make roughly 40 wines under three labels – Talon Winery and St. Kathryn Cellars are sister wineries to the Meadery.