Who is Vinoshipper? Vinoshipper is a company that assists small wineries like us in getting our wines shipped to quite a number of states. The way this works is they have the licenses to ship to each of these states. Why wouldn’t we get our own licenses?  Well, frankly, it’s expensive and a pain in the posterior! We would have to apply for each state’s license, usually with a costly fee, and then we’d have to collect sales or excise taxes, report all the sales, and pay all the taxes due each month or quarter or year. Since every state is different, there’s a different method, frequency of filing, tax rate and it would be very “taxing” for us to manage all that regulatory paperwork.  Instead, for the time being at least, we’ve elected to pay Vinoshipper for doing all that legal and tax compliance paperwork. That way we can focus on making great mead – it’s what we do.

So if you want to ship our honey wines to a state other than Colorado, Wyoming, California or Missouri, please go to our page on Vinoshipper. Thanks!