Mead comes in many forms . . .

Simply stated, mead differs from grape wine in that its alcohol content is derived from the sugar in honey rather than the sugar in grapes. And, while some mead is carbonated like beer, malted barley and hops are typically not used in the fermentation process. From dry to sweet, there is a variety of ancient and modern mead to choose from:

Traditional ~ Mead simply made by fermenting a mixture of honey and water with yeast.

Melomel ~ Mead blended with fruit, either dried, fresh, puree, juice, or fruit wine, our favorite method!

Pyment ~ Mead fermented or mixed with grape juice or wine.

Cyser ~ Mead fermented or mixed with apples or apple juice.

Metheglin ~ Mead infused with spices and/or herbs, i.e. cinnamon & cloves.

Braggot ~ Mead that may be fermented with malt and/or hops, typically having high alcohol and fairly high residual sugar.


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